Welcome to Indiana’s Virtual Baby Shower!

We may have to wait on the Court’s Dobbs decision for a few more weeks, but we don’t have to wait to demonstrate how ready we are to support women.

This is the chance for us to really challenge our value for life, to commit that every person deserves to be born – and to show our love and support for pregnant mothers through care and resources.

Diapers, baby wipes, pajamas and more!  These are items centers are in need of, and thanks to the Amazon Baby Registry, donating these items is as simple as click and pay.  The centers will receive your donated items shipped directly from Amazon, and you’ll have that great feeling of helping others in need.

Just click on the participating center’s logo and you’ll be directed to its registry page.  It’s that easy!


Please be generous in your support.  If you are a center director and wish to be included in future virtual showers, please contact Mary Williams at mwilliam@irtl.org.