Our mission is to protect the right to life, especially of unborn children, through positive education, compassionate advocacy, and promotion of positive alternatives to abortion.


Healthy Alternatives

Collaborating with Indiana pregnancy resource centers to continuously increase the number of clients accessing free, life-affirming services offered by the centers, for the purpose of assisting at least 20,000 abortion-vulnerable clients per year to choose life as the healthy alternative to abortion.

Public Policy

Continuously reduce Indiana’s abortion numbers until every unborn child, at every stage of development, is protected by law. We will do this through passing legislative initiatives that can withstand judicial scrutiny, removing all state funding for abortion businesses,  and making Indiana inhospitable to the business of abortion.


Grow our base of financial support so that we can ensure our efforts will not cease until the life of every unborn child is protected in Indiana.

Grassroots Activation

Build a grassroots network of at least 1,000,000 pro-life supporters connected through social networking in order to advance our efforts until the life of every unborn child is protected in Indiana.


Change hearts and minds on abortion while continuously increasing the number of Indiana residents who identify pro-life issues as their number one voting priority, for the purpose of creating a dominant culture of life in Indiana.

Next Generation

Motivate and activate a new wave of  pro-life millennials leaders  for the purpose of inspiring a new generation that will accomplish the end of abortion in the United States.