INDIANAPOLIS – The Office of Senator Mike Braun has issued a detailed pro-life update for the 116th congress, providing a wealth of information on legislation and other activities in the U.S. Senate.

In the preface to the report, Sen. Braun writes:

“As a father and grandfather, the right to life is fundamental to me. During my first two years in the
United States Senate, I have voted in a way that best represents and honors my values and the values
of Hoosiers by supporting legislation which recognizes that life begins at conception. Not only have I
voted in a way that reflects our values, but I have emphatically pushed for change by supporting and
introducing legislation, speaking on the Senate floor, and calling on my Senate colleagues to defend the
defenseless. I know safeguarding life at every stage is a solemn responsibility. I am honored that Hoosiers have entrusted me to represent their values in Washington, D.C..”

Download the full report from Senator Mike Braun