INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Right to Life today applauds the Indiana House of Representatives for today’s passage of critical pro-life legislation that includes multiple provisions, including the requirement that women considering abortion must be informed about the abortion pill reversal process proven to have saved over 2,000 babies’ lives nationwide. House Bill 1577, authored by Rep. Peggy Mayfield, passed the House today by an overwhelming 67-29 margin and will now move to the Indiana Senate for consideration.
The abortion pill reversal (APR) process has been proven to have high success rates in reversing chemically induced abortions when administered after a woman has taken the first pill in a chemical abortion’s two-pill process, but before the second pill is taken. APR can literally be a lifesaver for the unborn babies of women who regret their decision after taking the first pill.
Dr. Christina Francis, president of the American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns (AAPLOG) and a board member of Indiana Right to Life, testified earlier in the week, “If we truly care about women being able to make informed choices, that should include knowing there’s an option if they change their mind.”
Another provision of the bill includes a requirement that women receiving state-required informed consent counseling, at least 18-hours prior to an abortion, must be given a photo of their baby’s ultrasound. In addition, a copy of the photo must be attached to her file so that state inspectors can verify the required ultrasound was performed.
House Bill 1577 also ties an abortion clinic’s health and safety reporting to the state’s licensing process, blocking the way for clinics with open inspection violations from receiving rubber stamp approval for licensing renewal.
The bill also requires that any parental signatures for a minor’s abortion must be notarized as an additional step to help prevent falsification of parental signatures.
In addition, conscience protections are extended to mental health workers to protect them from being forced to facilitate or counsel for abortions, if such individuals object on ethical, moral or religious grounds.
“We are truly thankful to the House for passing this important legislation and are confident the Senate will take swift action on House Bill 1577 in the second half of this legislative session,” states Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter. “This legislation will save lives in Indiana.”
House Bill 1577 is co-authored by Rep. Joanna King and Rep. Michelle Davis.
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