Indiana Right to Life is applauding the motion for stay pending appeal filed last week by the office of Attorney General Todd Rokita in the WWHA vs. Rokita suit.

The Motion in part reads:

“The State has a strong likelihood of prevailing against the permanent injunction on appeal.

The Court’s decision to strike down the State’s physician-only requirement for medication abortions contravenes Supreme Court and Seventh Circuit precedent approving the restriction of abortion to licensed physicians and relies on no data that would justify a departure from those decisions.

Likewise, the Court’s decision to overturn the second trimester hospitalization/ASC requirement
runs afoul of binding Supreme Court precedent and is reversible on that basis. Further, in holding

that the in-person counseling requirement, the telemedicine ban, and the physical examination requirement each impose an undue burden, the Court effectively found a constitutional mandate to adopt modern telemedicine.”

Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter issued this statement:

“This motion makes it clear the state of Indiana is going to fight to defend our state’s pro-life laws.  We believe the victory gained by Indiana’s abortion businesses in district court will be short-lived and that Indiana’s laws will prevail on appeal.  We can only hope and pray a stay is quickly issued to stem the damages this injunction may inflict on unborn children and their moms.”