Indiana Right to Life Reacts to SCOTUS Decision

Every life has value and pregnant mothers deserve our care and support

INDIANAPOLIS (June 24, 2022) – Indiana Right to Life President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Fichter said his organization is looking now to the Indiana General Assembly to take up redressing Indiana abortion laws in the special session Governor Eric Holcomb has called to begin July 6.

Fichter’s call to action is in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling announced today that overturns Roe v. Wade.

“This is a tremendous victory that can potentially save millions of innocent lives,” said Fichter. “Abortion decisions are now back in the hands of the people, to collectively commit that every life has value and pregnant mothers deserve our care and support in choosing life.”

Annually, nearly 8,000 babies are aborted in Indiana each year, with nearly 3,000 of those pre-born children being babies of color. Since Roe was decided 50 years ago, medical science has proven that unborn babies have a heartbeat, develop brainwave activity, can hear, develop noses, mouths, fingernails, organs and nervous system, and can kick, grasp objects and hiccup – all well before 15 weeks of development.

A recent poll put out by the National Republication Senate Committee shows that more than 70 percent of voters (Republican, Independent and Democrat) believe that an unborn baby is a human being.

Fichter said that society has dramatically changed its view on pregnant mothers in crisis across the decades, showing far more compassion and accommodation than was shown 50 years ago. In Indiana alone, there are more than 100 pregnancy resource centers that help pregnant mothers – giving them a range of support that allows them to opt for successful parenting or adoption, rather than abortion.

“We’ve come a long way since 1973 – and this monumentally historic SCOTUS decision gives Hoosiers the opportunity to come together as a loving and compassionate people to revisit Indiana abortion laws,” said Fichter. “This a monumental moment in U.S. history, and we look to the state legislature to lead the way in taking up the task of redressing Indiana abortion laws so that the peoples’ voices may be heard in light of this historical decision.”

Fichter pointed out that the ruling does not ban abortion, but removes the decision about abortion laws from the hands of nonelected judges and returns that authority to the individual states and their constituents.

Indiana is the fifth-most prolife state in the country, and Hoosier voters have consistently chosen prolife elected representatives. Currently both of Indiana’s U.S. Senators are prolife, as well as seven out of Indiana’s nine U.S. congressional delegates. And every state-level office holder is prolife.


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