Indianapolis – Indiana Right to Life PAC today announced its endorsement of Governor Eric Holcomb for reelection. Governor Holcomb’s pro-life track record during his first term includes the signing of eight pro-life bills, record-setting adoption levels for children in foster care, lowered infant mortality rates, and strong support for Indiana’s Real Alternatives program providing free, compassionate assistance to needy women and their babies, from pregnancy through the babies’ first birthdays.

“Governor Holcomb has signed every single pro-life bill that has come across his desk, including historic legislation to ban late-term abortions and to expand Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Indiana,” states Indiana Right to Life PAC chairman Mike Fichter. “We know that compassion for children, born and unborn, is deeply important to him, and we look forward to working with him to advance the cause of life to much higher levels over the next four years.”

Governor Holcomb’s extensive pro-life record includes:

• 2017 – Gov. Holcomb signed SEA 404 into law enhancing parental rights to be notified when a minor seeks a judicial bypass to get an abortion while allowing civil recourse for parents if an adult falsely claims to have parental rights for the minor. The law also tightens reporting requirements for abortions on girls under 16 years of age.

• 2018 – Gov. Holcomb signed into law SEA 203 that allows murder or manslaughter charges to be brought against any criminal who kills an unborn child during the committing a felony.

• 2018 – Gov. Holcomb signed into law SEA 65 giving parents greater control over whether children are exposed to Planned Parenthood-style sex ed courses in the schools.

• 2018 – Gov. Holcomb signed into law SEA 340 that pave the way for Safe Haven Baby Boxes, toughens abortion clinic licensing requirements in Indiana, and requires reporting of abortion complications.

• 2019 – Gov. Holcomb signed into law HEA 1211 to ban late-term D&E abortions in Indiana.

• 2019 – Gov. Holcomb signed into law SEA 201 to strengthen conscience protections for pro-life health care workers.

• 2019 – Gov. Holcomb signed into law HEA 1007 creating better prenatal health care for at-risk pregnant moms.

• 2020 – Gov. Holcomb signed into law SEA 299 to strengthen humane final disposition laws for aborted babies.

• Indiana’s Real Alternatives Program – From 2017 through 2020, Gov. Holcomb has authorized Indiana’s Real Alternatives program helping participating pro-life pregnancy resources centers throughout the state to meet the needs of tens of thousands of pregnant women and their babies all the way through baby’s first birthday, at no cost to the mothers.

Fichter also notes that under Governor Holcomb, the number of abortions dropped by 400 babies from 2018 to 2019, part of the reason Indiana is now ranked as the sixth most pro-life state in the nation by Americans United for Life.

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