INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 8, 2023) – Indiana Right to Life President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Fichter issued the following statement today on the outcome of the Ohio abortion referendum vote:

“We are saddened that abortion will now be virtually unrestricted in our neighboring state of Ohio, and Indiana will be bordered on three sides by states that support abortion on demand. But we are grateful Indiana is leading the Midwest, along with Kentucky, in protecting the lives of unborn babies and pregnant moms.

“It is important to note that every incumbent who voted for Indiana’s Senate Enrolled Act 1 in 2022 won re-election. Indiana voters made their voices heard when they elected pro-life candidates predominately, and those voters election choices are protected from referendums powered by special interests. We take heart today in the fact that millions of Hoosiers will continue to put compassion for pregnant moms and the lives of unborn babies at the forefront of Indiana’s values.”

Audio statement available here.


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