HEA 1217: Indiana’s new law to help prevent coerced abortions.  

SUMMARY: Coerced abortion. Requires that a pregnant woman seeking an abortion must be informed that a coerced abortion is illegal. Provides that certain medical personnel must inquire with a pregnant woman seeking an abortion whether the abortion is coerced. Requires certain medical personnel who believe that an abortion is coerced to offer the pregnant woman information on certain services, the use of a telephone, and an alternative exit from the health care facility. Makes it a Level 6 felony if a person knowingly or intentionally coerces a pregnant woman into having an abortion. Mandates reports of a coerced abortion to law enforcement. Provides that a law enforcement agency must immediately respond and initiate an investigation upon receipt of a complaint of coercion or attempted coercion. Makes it a Class C infraction if a reproductive health facility knowingly employs a mandatory reporter who violates the mandatory reporting statute.

Read the full text of the law signed by Gov. Holcomb: HB1217.05.ENRS

See the Indiana Senate roll call vote: HB1217.235_S

See the Indiana House roll call vote: HB1217.315_H

You are encouraged to contact you state representative and state senator to let them know your appreciation or concerns over their votes on this important legislation.