Endorsements 2022 Primary

The Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee has issued
the following endorsements in the 2022 Indiana Primary. 

Please note endorsements are made in contested primaries only.
General election endorsements will be announced in summer 2022.

Indiana Senate: 

Tyler Johnson R Senate 14
Ron Turpin R Senate 14
Christian Beaver R Senate 23
Paula Copenhaver R Senate 23
Spencer Deery R Senate 23
Bill Webster R Senate 23
Mike Gaskill R Senate 25
Scott Alexander R Senate 26
Kevin Boehnlein R Senate 47
Gary Byrne R Senate 47

Indiana House:

Jake Teshka R Rep 7
Michael Aylesworth R Rep 11
Jim Pressel R Rep 20
Timothy Wesco R Rep 21
Craig Snow R Rep 22
Matt Whetstone R Rep 25
Ann Vermillion R Rep 31
Fred Glynn  R Rep 32
John Prescott R Rep 33
Bruce Borders R Rep 45
Jeff Ellington R Rep 45
John Young R Rep 47
Daniel Leonard R Rep 50
Brad Barrett R Rep 56
Craig Haggard R Rep 57
Ryan Lauer R Rep 59
Peggy Mayfield R Rep 60
Dave Hall R Rep 62
Chris May R Rep 65
Tim O’Brien R Rep 78
Matthew Lehman R Rep 79
Martin Carbaugh R Rep 81
Dave Heine R Rep 85
Chris Jeter R Rep 88
Mike Speedy R Rep 90
Robert Behning R Rep 91
Julie McGuire R Rep 93

Congressional Endorsements:

Jennifer-Ruth Green R District 1
Erin Houchin R District 9
Mike Sodrel R District 9

United States Senate

Todd Young R

Paid for by Indiana Right to Life PAC. 9465 Counselors Row Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46240. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.