This Independence Day comes in the midst of an historic opportunity for America to commit to valuing all life, a time when the seemingly insurmountable wall of Roe is fallen, a time when all of us – not just government – must pursue the betterment in support and care for pregnant mothers choosing life. This is a time of action, not mere words.

This is Independence Day 2022, a new day in this unique experiment in freedom we call the United States. Truly, new hope has dawned.

Today, all across the grand and beautiful American stage, flags will wave, families will gather, and evening skies will light up with fiery displays meant not only to entertain, but to remind us that our independence was forged in the red-hot furnace of conflict and sacrifice.

America still stands. So here’s to the ones…

Here’s to the ones who served, bled and died on distant beaches, scorching desert sands, steaming jungles, and snow-covered forests, all so that we might be free.

Here’s to the ones who hold to triangular folded flags as eternal reminders of husbands, sons and daughters who never returned from their call of duty.

Here’s to the ones who see the face of tyranny and call it for what it is.

Here’s to the ones who know the right to life is not a gift from the government, but a sacred trust to be safeguarded by all who take oaths of public service.

Here’s to the ones who stand firm in knowing that unalienable rights are unalienable because they come from our Creator, not from man.

Here’s to the ones whose moral compass is not determined by popular culture.

Here’s to the ones who will not forget men like Washington, Adams and Lincoln.

Here’s to the ones who speak truth.

Here’s to the ones who bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted.

Here’s to the ones who build unity rather than inflame division.

Here’s to the ones who pray for and honor all in authority, while refusing to bow the knee to anything or anyone demanding an allegiance usurping that which belongs to God alone.

Here’s to the ones who honor our heritage.

Here’s to the ones who know America can grow from her faults, instead of beating her down for that which cannot be undone.

Here’s to the ones who stand for the weak and the defenseless.

Here’s to the ones who are proud to be Americans.

Here’s to the last great hope on the face of the earth.

Here’s to America. On July 4, 2022, she still stands.

Happy Independence Day.

Mike Fichter
President and CEO
Indiana Right to Life