A special message from President and CEO Mike Fichter

Just a few months ago, I met Steve Boles, CEO of the Indiana-based ministry Mission To Ukraine, having no idea that shortly after our meeting, Russia would invade Ukraine. The war and its resulting humanitarian crisis has put millions of people at risk, not the least of which are moms and babies caught in the throes of this crisis.

This is an opportunity to reach out and support those moms and babies in Ukraine. What can you do? Perhaps it is prayer support, volunteer hours, or a financial gift. I encourage you to watch this brief video, then pray about what God would have you to do.

Like nearly all nonprofits, Indiana Right to Life rarely makes an appeal for another nonprofit ministry, because we have so many pressing needs of our own. Mission To Ukraine is best positioned to help these moms and babies in Ukraine, many are in desperate need, and we believe this is the most efficient means for Hoosiers to rise up up and lend a hand.

Can you help?

Mike Fichter
President and CEO
Indiana Right to Life